Milena Podloch

Design & Animation

Are you looking for an explainer video?

Animated infographics?

Impactful eye-catching illustrations?

Or a complex visual identity system?

Hello! My name is Milena and I’m a motion designer and 2D animation enthusiast who moonlights as a vector illustration artist. As a budding digital designer, I am constantly expanding my skillset and currently in hot pursuit of mastering the art of UX design. My superpower is taking on complex projects like a boss and wrangling multiple stakeholders and components with ease. I’m also a pro at paying attention to the tiniest of details and can turn boring data into visually stunning stories through animated infographics, explainer videos, and marketing content. My clients range from banks to schools, tech companies to broadcasters, and even science and cultural institutions. I’m an eternal optimist, a strategic and collaborative thinker with an insatiable hunger for learning and self-improvement.

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