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Essence of Design

Category : Design, Experiments, Illustration · by Dec 8th, 2017

One of the most copied object in the history of the last 50 years is a cruet designed in 1961 by a Catalonian designer Rafael Marquina. The cruet won the Gold Delta Award in the year it was introduced and still remains the ultimate design resolution in its category. It’s simple, efficient and beautiful. The very best to follow one of my all time favourites.



And a few more words of description of the cruet from the book Universal Design: The HUMBLES Method for User-Centred Business (Aragall, Montana, 2016):

“Marquina’s reinterpretation of this everyday product features a transparent conical glass flask with a funnel-shaped mouth that makes it easy to refill, and a spout with ground glass base incorporating a slot to collect stray drops and allow the entrance of air. It is sober design that resolves with style and efficiency the problem of dripping. It recovers every last drop of oil or vinegar, it prevents spillage, the flask transparency means users can identify the liquid it contains, and its shape makes it stable and easy and safe to handle.”