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Pink Elephant

Category : Motion Graphics · by Oct 17th, 2016

“Seek not and ye shall find”

I’ve done this tiny piece called “An Elephant In the Room” a few years ago and still it feels ambiguous (WATCH IT HERE).
My yesterday thought was that I should definitely change the claim to: “EVERYONE LOST”.

You can’t always think what you want. How is that as we tend to be ridiculously committed to our controlled processing?
There’s a bunch of cognitive paradoxes known in psychology, one is called a white bear effect (or a pink elephant effect) and was firstly described by Tolstoy. It tackles thought suppression studied later by Daniel Wegner and could be summarised by this simple rule: the more one refrains from thinking about a white bear, the more they will think about it. It’s just how our mind works, so pink elephants is the rule of The Game.

For more scientific description just hit here:
Or just Wikipedia (thought suppression).

Suppressing your thoughts doesn’t really work.
Suppressing your emotions neither and the effect is even more compelling.
In this game of hopeless lost the great hope lies in our mental ability to move our focus to more pleasant, more constructive or simply more rational things,
no matter how paradoxical it still remains.