Milena Podloch

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Category : Design, Handcraft · by Mar 15th, 2015


A sparrow does not impress in any way. But there’s something impressive in the fact I can hardly imagine it without a context of other sparrows co-operating with each other to protect themselves.
Regarded in the past as one of the most ordinary birds you can imagine, now is close to extinction in many parts of the world.

In Indonesian superstition, a sparrow flying into your home denotes good luck, in European folklore, a sparrow flying into the home is seen as a sign of impending death. Context is the key.

In ancient Greece it was a bird sacred to Aphrodite as a symbol of true love and a spiritual connection, not just of lust. In reality in contradiction to this, sparrows are often regarded as the most lustful and sexually active birds. I would rather not exegarrate but perhaps as human beings we tend to avoid reality to make deep contribution to it.


Photos of my stage design for a children’s theatre.