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Sunny Travel Back…

Category : Illustration, Motion Graphics · by Jan 2nd, 2017

I’ve managed to dig out an old short animated inter-section for a 15-minute comedy series pilot “Jesus Garcia”, 2013. The comedy (written in 12 episodes) tells a bittersweet story about a young Spanish living in Warsaw, experiencing the daily obstacles of a foreigner’s life. The plot emphasizes the contrast between two cultures and misleading stereotypes, but also an exciting experience of being a Stranger. Quite a sentimental find, brings sunny memories of my dear friends…

From the project description:

“We want to show Warsaw and its inhabitants through the eyes, of a young Spanish man – Jesus – who decides to take up a challenge after his father dies and visit his Polish friend, Tomek. Unfortunately Tomek has to leave Warsaw suddenly Jesus is alone without the slightest idea about the city. And he doesn’t know Polish, either… He wants to stay in Warsaw. He’s brave and he won’t give up but will battle fiercely with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. He needs to find a flat, flatmates, a job…”

I sometimes wonder how they are. We all like happy endings!