Milena Podloch

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Category : Experiments, Illustration · by Jan 24th, 2015

“The forests are the flags of nature. They appeal to all and awaken inspiring universal feelings. Enter the forest and the boundaries of nations are forgotten.” (Enos Mills)
Starting a journey ends in a new place. This one is called Tivoli Park and it’s located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. There’s something really touching about trees with scars of people’s stupidity, meaningless affairs and passing time. So silent, yet so loud. All those young lifes that probably went unnoticible, with all those naive wishes that never came true.

The name of the park itself, which is not Slovene obviously, is a result of complicated history of that region, a subtle track of French-Italian connections. A few more Tivoli Parks can be found all over Europe, including a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark.
More about Tivoli Park (Slovene: Mestni park Tivoli).

A few from a large documentation photos sets:







A few drawings made as a part of documentation process in Tivoli Park, Ljubljana.
And one attempt to compose characteristic font from scarred trees.


For those who can’t see the forest for the trees.
(From Lena Turo Projects, more info soon)