Icons as building blocks of more complex visual elements, like infographics, data visualisations or illustration.

General university icons to use in print and digital materials whenever appropriate.

Icons in negative space. The main symbol can be enclosed in a Napier frame (square shape with a cut-out corner).

Icons in use: a bank card size concertina fold-out leaflet. The design features a concertina fold that allows the leaflet to open up like an accordion, displaying multiple panels of information. Because of its compact size, the leaflet can be easily carried in a pocket or bag. However, its limited space restricts the use of complex graphical elements or photos.

Subject-specific icons I created for use on course and school materials. Their primary use was to identify course areas and course groups, for example icon 101 is for Psychology, 114 is fo Nursing, 125 is for Acting and 134 is for Teaching.

Icons in use: Travel Survey banner with a family of transport mode icons.

Social media icon set. These icons are used to identify Instagram Highlights that have been grouped by theme or event. The use of the ENU red color complements the logo avatar.

Icons in use: University's Instagram profile screenshot.

Icons in use: simple marketing infographics. Because of the visual context they needed to be strong but monochromatic.

I have also designed an icon-derived illustration style for motion graphics.

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