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Guidelines introduction.

ENU logo lock-up system.

Colour palette. THE NEW BRIGHT RED #e5233f colour used in the logo informed the rest of the core brand palette. Focus group interviews indicated some people didn't like red much but in-depth analysis of the previously existing branding and competitors' audit backed up the decision to keep red at the core of visual identity.

Edinburgh Napier accent colour palette.

Implementation example: ENU branding in social media and digital applications.

Core brand colour palette in use: foldout leaflet.

Colour pairing system. Apart from Napier Red and the rest of the fairly neutral core colours, there was a need to develop a secondary accent colour palette. Orange, purple and dark blue were already widely used, so we decided to compliment them with new shades of yellow, green and bright blue. All the pairings were tested for digital and print use. Additionally, an accessible colour adjustment was used to comply with WCAG 2.1 AA on the main university website.

Implementation example: ENU branding in motion graphics. School overview films.

Typography. Typefaces selection and basic rules of use.

Bones pattern in use - university leaflet. The bones pattern has been developed as a tribute to John Napier's bones (rods), a manually operated calculating device that is his best-known legacy.

Implementation example: ENU branding in print materials. Student placement flyers.

Searchable icon library. Find out more about icons system here: Icon Library

Icon-based illustration elements for infographics.

Photography style.

Implementation example: ENU branding in promotional materials.